About me

I’m 23 years old; completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

I’m a whole hearted food lover: fan of burgers, pizza, salad, steak, and tacos.

I’m considered by many a tech enthusiast, I find myself Beta testing all the things: Google Chrome Canary, Android 7.1 Nougat, WebKit.

I’m a Full Stack Web Developer who lives and breathes Open Source Software (OSS), and believes it’s up to us to help Make the Web great, again.

On the process of branching out. Working on starting up a development agency alongside 2 of my colleagues.

Like blogs? Check out my work: https://giovanni-orlando.com/pages/blog/

Currently taking on the JavaScript 30 Challenge, as well as the Daily CSS Image Challenge.

See what I’ve been up to on Codepen.

I’m active on GitHub as well, in case you’re interested.