Apple released the iOS 10.3 update about a week ago (03/27/2017). If you missed out on what’s new, check out this blog post for more details.

This update (or security patch) consists mainly of bug fixes and improvements.

Installation and Compatible Devices

iOS 10.3.1 is available for download as an Over The Air (OTA) update for all:

  • iPhone 5 or later
  • iPad 4th Generation or later
  • iPod Touch 6th Generation or later

An over-the-air update is a software update that is distributed over Wi-Fi or mobile broadband instead of requiring the user to connect the device to a computer via USB to perform the update.

The file size for this update, according to my device, is around 35 MB. So it’s not too big of a download.

It is also available via iTunes.


Before using either method, I highly recommend doing an iCloud backup of all your data (just in case). You can find the steps on how to do so here.

Issues addressed

  • Stack buffer overflow which allowed a potential attacker to executing code on the Wifi chip. According to Security Focus: Failed exploit attempts will likely result in denial-of-service (DOS) conditions. The issue was discovered by Gal Beniamini — ‎Security Researcher in Google Project Zero

  • Compatible 32-bit devices (such as the iPhone 5 and 5c, as well as the iPad 4th Generation) can now receive the iOS 10.3.1+ update as an OTA, not just via iTunes.

Project Zero is the name of a team of security analysts employed by Google tasked with finding zero-day vulnerabilities. When bugs are found, these are reported to the manufacturer and are only made publicly visible once a patch has been released or if 90 days have passed without a patch being released.


About the security content of iOS 10.3.1

Over The Air: Exploiting Broadcom’s Wi-Fi Stack


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